What is the Smile Makeover?


It is a blend of some dental treatments to get aesthetic results. The process of Dental Smile Makeover starts with your personal needs and it is purely a cosmetic process that helps in smile improvement. However, sometimes you may need improvement in functionality as well, that is why we recommend you consult our specialists to choose the best series of treatment for your Teeth Makeover in Turkey with the Excellent Medical Treatment Services of NHSTR.

We ask for these communications between you and experts to prepare the best-personalized plan for your Smile Makeover. The only intentions behind these conversations are to allow you to make an informed, unforced decision.

And we believe that Smile Makeover is an individual choice and one’s vision of beauty and we understand the importance of this vision. That is why we help you to achieve the subtle change you are looking for or the extreme change you have imagined for your smile. We have got you covered everything!

If you want to get rid of yellow and stained teeth then you can go for basic whitening or scaling treatments. Whitening and scaling of teeth result in bright and vibrant teeth as it will remove the discolouration.

Dental Veneers are used in case whitening and scaling is not effective. Also, you can go for dental veneers when you want to correct the shape of your teeth or when you are dealing with broken teeth.

Dental Crowns are used when you want to cover the full structure of your teeth for functional and aesthetic improvements. Crowns are also known as ‘caps’ to cover the damaged teeth.

Dental implants are used when you have a painful tooth or severely damaged tooth.

Dental implants are often used by patients who missing tooth problems.

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Copyright 2021 by NHSTR. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by NHSTR. All rights reserved.