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Some people want to improve the colour of their teeth, while others are dissatisfied with the shape and size of the teeth. Our dentists use different software, cosmetic imaging and mock-ups of an expected smile to meet your expectations and plan a unique smile make-up for you according to your personal preference.

What is Smile Restoration and
Smile Makeover?

A smile is like a mirror, it is the first impression that lasts longer. Everyone is looking for a radiant and vibrant smile and it has a great psychological impact on an individual’s life.

Your smile says a lot about you and it is something that creates a lasting impression. We have created the smiles of some well-known TV personalities which is a great addition to our expanding portfolio.

A smile makeover is the finest piece of art and science. To meet a patient’s expectations dentist must have to pay close attention to even very small details. Some people want to improve the colour of teeth while others are not satisfied with the shape and size of the teeth. Our dentists use different software, cosmetic imaging and do mockups of an expected smile to meet your expectations and plan a unique smile makeover for you based on your personal choice.

You are one step away from

Confident smile

Hollywood smile

High self-esteem

Improved speech

Able to eat any food

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Whether you are a fan of natural or a perfect-looking Hollywood smile makeover, your vision is our inspiration. And we have the latest digital dental technologies available which can design a structure of smile that will meet your personal needs.

Your first visit will be consultation, examination, and taking photographs. While you will enjoy the beautiful city, we are going to prepare 3D models of your new smile. On your second visit, we will make some changes if you wish and discuss your treatment plan. This step gives the patient autonomy in deciding what to do and what not to do.

Complete smile makeover requires a systematic approach, dedication, and keen interest in the case. It starts with detailed history taking, medical and dental, intraoral and extraoral examination of the patient. Then taking extraoral and intraoral images at various angles and views. These photographs are taken to record the position of teeth at rest while speaking, smiling, and laughing. Further, it is also beneficial in recording smile line, lip line, lip length, lip thickness at rest and during speaking and smiling, labial fullness, and gingival display. To give patients a superstar Hollywood smile all these factors are observed and noted and discussed in detail with esthetic specialists.

Smile Makeover is very popular because we provide the highest quality service for affordable prices. Also, people choose us because we are serving in the field of cosmetic dentistry, since 2008. Hence, we have an experienced and multi-disciplinary team of experts, designers, technicians, and dentists who can help you to guide what is the best treatments available to achieve the best results. We not only focus on the appearance but our experience helps us to maintain your health and functionality of our teeth.

So, if you are looking for a chance to correct your smile under the guidance of experts and professionals then you have found the right page NHSTR experienced Dental Smile Team Turkey will be giving and offering you the best affordable options.

Since 2010, we are dedicated to recreating the smiles of many people including some celebrities. To get an appointment with the best dentists or you can visit our dental clinic in London, Antalya, İstanbul or contact us on WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger.

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